We combine the latest in pain research,
musculoskeletal therapy techniques
and neuroscience.

All aimed at getting you back to your best, faster!

We specialise in solving pain and injury

All our Physiotherapists undergo advanced training in pain and injury assessment and treatment. Our unique method involves the assessment and treatment of the whole body in a systematic way with the aim to find the true underlining cause of a condition. By being thorough in the initial stages of assessment, we can achieve faster and longer lasting results and do not miss any potential contributing factors to your condition.


Our advanced training helps us achieve results in 6 to 8 sessions for more than 90% of clients. We can identify very quickly (usually within 4 sessions) if physiotherapy can help your condition, and in the small amount of cases where it can’t we will refer you on to the most appropriate specialist. We will not continue treatment without results.

At South Coast Sports and Spinal, our Physiotherapists only treat clients one-on-one. We never overlap clients so our time is completely dedicated to helping solve your pain or injury. All our appointments are 30 minutes or longer and are 100% hands on – we will never leave you in a treatment room connected to a machine.
What to expect from physiotherapy with us:

  • We aim to be on time every time.
  • We provide 100% hands on treatment.
  • You will receive an email summary of your sessions including exercises and photos.
  • We communicate with referring doctors, surgeons, sporting coaches and personal trainers to keep them updated with your progress.
  • We will always provide you with education about your condition and how best to manage it.
  • The best way to achieve long lasting results is to continue treatment until full recovery is achieved. This reduces the risk of aggravation which will draw out your recovery time. After the first few sessions we can accurately predict the amount of sessions required and work out the best management plan with you.
  • We address all possible contributing factors by assessing the whole body. This means we get to the true cause of a condition rather than just treating local symptoms.
  • Often the best way to get a rapid improvement is to have a few sessions booked within a short amount of time. We understand that for some people paying for treatments upfront can be a strain on the budget, which is why we have a payment plan option to stretch out payments over a longer time period. This means that you can get the best and fastest results without the worry of having to pay everything upfront.
  • Ideally a one hour first appointment allows adequate time to complete the assessment and start the treatment process. We believe the value of the process can be best demonstrated by having longer initial appointments.
  • We can improve most conditions significantly in 6-8 sessions within two weeks.

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