An important part of our advanced method of assessment and treatment involves using a checklist. This is a tool which helps us get the best results possible for all of our clients. Even though our therapists have done many Ridgway Method assessments (some of us have done many thousands of assessments!) we still use a checklist to make sure we do not miss anything which may be important in solving a client’s condition. This is similar to how an airline pilot or surgeon makes sure they do not miss an important step in their process.


The clients who achieve the fastest and most long term solutions to their condition are usually the clients who follow along with this process and have a good understanding of what it takes to fix their condition. In preparation for your first Physiotherapy session, we recommend that you read the first 2 pages of the Client Friendly Checklist (PDF attachment below). Only worry about these pages to begin with, as your therapist will discuss each of the following steps of the process when you get there.
If you have any questions regarding the Checklist please write them down and discuss them with your therapist in your first session. We will provide a printed version when you arrive.